LightingShrink - Medford Lakes, New Jersey 08055


LightingShrink on YARD CRASHERS

Yard Crashers is a television show on the DIY Network that shows surprises home owners with a brand-new yard. The show is hosted by Matt Blashaw who is a licensed contractor. Like other "crasher" shows on the DIY Network, Blashaw and his crew ambush homeowners while they are home improvement shopping, follow them back to their homes, tear apart their yards and help them do a complete backyard makeover. They do the complete renovation in two days. The previous host--Ahmed Hassan (2008-2011)--was replaced by Matt Blashaw in 2011. Many viewers were upset with the change, spawning a few online petitions and websites. Blashaw is also taking a hiatus from the show, hosting HGTV's Vacation House For Free, starting summer 2014. Chris Lambton will temporarily host Yard Crashers.